Throughout the year, the EEES kids go to several horse shows.  It’s not required or expected, but it is alot of fun, and teaches the kids the joy of winning, the agony of defeat, and most importantly to always be a good sport. Riding is a very humbling sport- and there are constant reminders that you are not always perfect or the best. It teaches the kids to dust themselves off after a bad class, and go in the ring each time with a fresh outlook and a clean slate; not to dwell on previous mistakes or failures. Good lessons for life, not just horse showing! It’s always a proud moment when you see the kids genuinely proud of each other, and cheering each other on from the side of the ring– we’ve even witnessed a few tears of joy at someone else’s big win. We are members of the Western New England Professional Horseman’s Association (WNEPHA), and the kids collect points through out the year, in hopes of qualifying for Finals and receiving a High Point award at the banquet each year. We also show as much as we can with South County Riders at French Park in Egremont, MA, and make the short trip each year to the Columbia County Fair Open Horse Show.

The EEES also enjoys Hunter Pacing, and hope to start doing more of it. We also plan on getting more involved with the elements of Eventing- Dressage and Cross Country (we are already pretty well versed at Stadium Jumping). We even hope to build a small Cross Country Course here on the property, and there is plenty of room in the ring for a standard Dressage arena.

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