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Our mission at the Emily Eckstrom Equine Foundation is to provide a place for young people to build confidence, self esteem, communication, and leadership skills through working with, caring for, and riding horses.


We provide a foundation for life’s lessons. We instill confidence and a sense of responsibility centered around caring for and developing a partnership with horses. Our goal is to empower young people through hands on learning that can be applied to any task later in life.

Our program runs 3:30 – 6:00 five days per week Monday through Friday. Saturdays and show Sundays as scheduled. Students are expected to participate in all aspects of farm life. This includes stall cleaning, watering, and feeding the horses as well as farm maintenance, cleanup and up keep. Students do not just come for their lesson and leave. All students work together to care for their mounts (children that are to young to participate all day are given a small job or task and may then leave). We also travel to local shows and try to schedule fun events and field trips that students may participate in if desired.  The program is designed to keep the burden of cost to a minimum opening the door to the equestrian sport for all regardless of income. We hold several fundraisers throughout the year to help to offset expenses.


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Do you, or someone you love, admire horses?

Perhaps you are an avid rider. Everyone benefits by keeping the equestrian arts alive! Consider a donation for those who are well-positioned to care for horses yet cannot afford adequate training!

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